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Mill Creek, TransPro and Kriska named Top Fleet Employers 2020

The people who work with us are transportation professionals dedicated to providing a reliable and safe service and our greatest asset. It is an honour that Trucking HR Canada has awarded Kriska Holdings Ltd., Mill Creek Motor Freight and TransPro Freight Systems as Top Fleet Employers for 2020.

The award acknowledges trucking companies that provide an exceptional workplace and participate in human resources best practices.
This is Mill Creek’s first Top Fleet Employer award and the seventh consecutive award for Kriska and TransPro.

2020 KTG Scholarship Recipients Announced


For the second year, KTG has awarded a scholarship to ten students entering post-secondary education.
We value education beyond high school and believe that students like these will become the innovators and leaders in the evolving transportation industry. Transportation, logistics and supply-chains employ graduates from many disciplines, including engineering, finance, human resources, and trades.

The KTG scholarship was founded in 2019 to support children of employees in their pursuit of post-secondary education. Applicants submit an essay about the Transportation industry’s impact on their lives and reflect on how to recruit young people. To date, KTG is proud to have awarded $50,000.

We are honoured to announce this year’s list of recipients. They are:

Conor Barratt – TransPro
Daniella Ceccacci – TransPro
Laura Cook – Trailwood Transport
Emily De Silva – Service Freight Systems
Davis Moore – Mill Creek
Stephanie Noecker – Mill Creek
Kassandra Silver – Mill Creek
Alex Trimble- Mill Creek
Kyle Whiteman – Kriska
Betty Zaharieva – TransPro

Congratulations to all. We wish these and all students the best of luck in their studies in this unusual school year.

TransPro achieves best-ever safety rating.

When Mike Frolick TransPro‘s Director of Safety & Compliance talks about commercial vehicle safety, his eyes light up. He is excited that this July, TransPro achieved its best-ever safety rating.

In Ontario, all commercial vehicle operators are assigned a rating based on roadside inspection results, the number of tickets and accidents. The lower the rating, the better and any rating below 20% is classified as “Excellent.” For the first time in its history, TransPro earned a rating of under 10%.

TransPro’s excellent rating is the result of an effort between our Safety, Operations and Maintenance departments to support drivers to be successful during roadside inspections and ongoing driver training.

Safe trucks and trailers start in the shop where increased standards and frequency of inspections help identify defects and repair them before going on the road. Our mechanics received training to have a critical eye during maintenance inspections by former commercial vehicle inspection officers. Recently, we invited drivers to bring their truck for an inspection and for our mechanics to share their knowledge with drivers who can now find potential issues before they become a problem. All drivers participated and are welcome to have their truck inspected anytime without a reservation.

As equipment ages, it requires more time and effort to keep it safe. We removed a number of trailers, which decreased the average age of our trailers by 25% while ensuring enough capacity to service our customers. To ensure we keep to our maintenance schedule, we introduced preventative maintenance stickers on all trailers.

Safe drivers drive safe trucks and trailers. TransPro keeps its drivers up to date with regular training sessions and safety bonuses.

We’ve integrated the steps we’ve taken to earn our safest ever rating into our daily routines. Drivers and mechanics and the entire team share in the pride of this accomplishment. For TransPro, our customer’s freight and the motoring public, the road ahead is a safe one.

KTG Develops Driver Healthcheck App for Isaac Tablets

KTG drivers provide an essential service during the current health crisis and always. Their ability to stay safe and healthy is critical to the supply chain of food, medical supplies and raw materials used in manufacturing. KTG Director of Safety and Compliance, Eugenia Churilov recognized that we needed a tool to quickly and easily assess driver health daily and set about to build one.

After consulting with the IT department, Safety and Driver Services, she decided on an app-based questionnaire that drivers would answer and submit on their in-truck tablets from Isaac Instruments.

Isaac home screen

The team developed the questionnaire based on a list of COVID-19 symptoms from Health Canada. The questions are all yes/no and are in less than a minute. They’re available in English and French.

The KTG Driver Healthcheck app asks the following questions:

In the last 48 hours have you had any of the following symptoms:

1. Fever

2. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

3. Cough

4. Sore throat

5. Prolonged headache

6. Stuffy or runny nose

7. Feeling sick (weak, fatigued, achy, tired and drained)

8. Loss of smell or taste, or a change in taste

KTG Driver Healthcheck

From concept to deployment, the app was developed and tested in three working days. The Safety and IT departments worked closely with Isaac to ensure that it was stable and records and reports the data accurately.

KTG Safety and Security constantly monitor driver entries to the Healthcheck app. Should a driver answer “yes” to any question, an alert and email are generated and sent to the Safety Manager who contacts the driver immediately. The driver and Safety Manager then decide on the course of action that is best for the driver’s health.

In the past several weeks, the KTG Driver Healthcheck app has accessed thousands of times, providing a real-time view of the safety of our fleet. It’s a valuable tool to ensure driver health and business continuity . We’re thankful to Isaac Instruments and our IT and Safety teams for their swift work

Message from Mark Seymour, CEO regarding Covid-19

First, I want to say thank you to all the great men and women who are a part of our businesses. Those that drive a truck, fix a truck, drive a tow motor, support our truck drivers, support our customers. I hope I have included everyone because everyone is a hero. Not just to me, but to many others as well.
In difficult times like this, your work and commitment to the supply chain go unnoticed by many, not all. I have many people tell me to “thank your drivers.” I want to do that and tell you that I tell them, “I’ll also thank the many others that support our drivers.”
We will get through this. When in the middle of a crisis, it doesn’t feel that way. We’ve all experienced crises before and over time, they pass, and we move on to the next one. This one is different; extreme. It will pass. My best advice is to remain calm, follow the information you are given from credible sources, support one another and ask for help if you need it. We talk every day about what we can do to protect our people, our customers and our businesses. It’s important for everyone to know we are working and testing daily more “work from home” scenarios for two reasons. To make sure we can and second, to cut down on the number of people in the office each day on each shift. Thank you to the people who have chosen this program, and I appreciate the sacrifice of those who can’t due responsibilities of their job.
I’ve often said that “KTG is built to last forever.” That’s my belief. Forever is an unknown, so what I truly mean is a long time. I admittedly feel strongly about the power in numbers and the scale we bring to the market. We can share people, freight, ideas, yards, equipment. We help one another in times of need and stress. That’s what families do, and KTG is a family of companies. I never imagined that we, as a family, would go through something like this. Power outages, computer viruses, accidents, ice storms, recessions, Y2K, these events in our lives may all seem very normal and insignificant now that they’re in the past. This adds to my feelings about KTG, and its power in numbers. Its resiliency in times of challenge and even crisis. The examples of our people offering support are too many to mention. I won’t and can’t dismiss what this is doing to some people and some businesses. It’s tough. It will be tough until this is over.
I’m always available to anyone who wants to talk. Stay focused and calm and hopefully soon, we can talk about this as in the past. Until then, be safe.
My sincerest thanks,

Mark Seymour, CEO Kriska Transportation Group

KTG Covid-19 Update – March 19, 2020

Home dispatching office of Corey LeBlanc, Operations Manager TransPro Freight Sytems.

As we move through the first week of social distancing due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 it’s become clear to many about the importance of the supply chain to ensure the availability of necessary supplies. We rely on our transportation professionals to keep our company and the economy moving through all sorts of situations. The Kriska Transportation Group companies are taking steps to help keep our drivers safe and healthy while they perform their essential service.

Since drivers come in contact with many people and equipment throughout their day, we’ve encouraged them to follow public health recommendations for hand hygiene. We’ve implemented a reimbursement program for the purchases of antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and gloves to help protect them while they perform their critical job. Further, all KTG terminals have hand sanitizers in strategic areas.

To support social distancing, our operating companies have mandated work from home programs that won’t disrupt our day-to-day operations.

Rather than slow down during the COVID-19 outbreak, our dedicated team is working at full speed to help return products to shelves. We are prepared to help shippers and retailers supply the public with what they need at any time. When you buy food, hand sanitizer or toilet paper, think to thank a trucker.

COVID-19 readiness statement.

Kriska Transportation Group (KTG)

To all valued Kriska Transportation Group (KTG) customers and partners,

Given the concerns about novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re sharing some important updates as it relates to our business continuity readiness during these highly uncertain times.

The business Itself: KTG is a family of 10 trucking and logistics companies. Although the market uncertainty, volatility and pandemic scare has impacted our business, we remain financially stable and structured to manage through difficult times such as these.

Planning: Each of our business units has prepared Disaster Recovery and Pandemic Planning documentation. It’s impossible to be 100% prepared; however, our Management Teams are monitoring, communicating and adjusting our plans and responses daily. We are fully equipped to ensure the ongoing operation of our business with no disruption should any of our offices need to be temporarily closed. We have identified all critical staff and arranged for remote workstations should they be required. At this time, our operations remain in low-risk areas, which we will continue to monitor. We have a heightened focus on ensuring our workplace is a safe and sanitary environment.

Drivers: Our drivers are being monitored regularly. We are sending fleet messages, reminding them about proper preventative measures such as good hygiene and social distancing. The safety of our employees and their families continues to be our utmost priority, and we will continue to work with those who feel at risk to accommodate their needs proactively.

Customers: Please take this communication as our offer to continue to be a trusted transportation and solution provider. As your business needs change through these uncertain times, you can rely on all KTG companies. Please don’t hesitate to communicate with us and openly share your thoughts on the impact on your supply chain in the coming days/weeks/months.

This statement is also available in a printable form here. KTG COVID-19 readiness statement

David Tumber
Senior Vice President
Kriska Transportation Group

KTG receives 20th Canada’s Best Managed Companies designation.

For the 20th consecutive year, the Kriska Transportation Group (KTG) has received the prestigious designation as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. KTG is recognized for its overall business performance and sustained growth.

Canada’s Best Managed Companies is one of the country’s leading business awards programs that recognizes Canadian-owned and managed companies with revenues over $25 million for innovative, world-class business practices. Every year since 1993, hundreds of entrepreneurial companies compete for this designation in a rigorous and independent process that evaluates the calibre of their management abilities and practices. 

“We’re delighted to be honoured to be one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for our 20th year,” said KTG, CFO, Pierre Carrier. “We thank all of our employees for the effort that they make to keep us one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada. Our people are the difference in our ability to continue to grow and innovate.”

The Kriska Transportation Group, operating companies, are some of the safest carriers in Canada and are industry leaders in employing technologies that keep their drivers, operations efficient and customers satisfied. The group operates a young, fuel-efficient fleet of trucks with an eye towards sustainability. KTG continues to grow in this challenging market with the addition of diversified services and the acquisition of proven companies.

An independent judging panel comprised of representatives from program sponsors in addition to special guest judges evaluates the applicants of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. 2020 Best Managed companies Selected companies all share commonalities that include (but are not limited to) a clear and concise strategy, capability to invest in R&D, tools and proprietary equipment, and a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility.

TransPro wins 2nd place in TCA Fleet Safety Awards, Division 2.

TransPro Director of Safety and Compliance, Michael Frolick.

TransPro’s Director of Safety and Compliance, Michael Frolick is celebrating the New Year with the company’s first-ever Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Fleet Safety Award.

The 2nd place award is in Division 2 (5-14.99 Million Miles) in TCA’s 44th Annual Fleet Safety Awards. Winners were rated on their annual accident ratio and a safety audit.

TransPro placed a particular emphasis on driver training and maintenance this year. Drivers attended multiple learning sessions throughout the year, including visits from regional police, OPP and MTO officers. They also installed in-cab Isaac Instruments hardware and software to provide safe driving feedback.

“This didn’t happen overnight,” said Michael “TransPro shares this award as a team. In 2019 we reduced our CVOR by over 50% year over year.”

TransPro is now in consideration for the Fleet Safety Grand Prize – Small Carrier Division to be announced in March at the TCA’s Annual Convention.

KTG Habitat for Humanity Build 2019

This October, representatives from several KTG companies put on hardhats and grabbed hammers to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity in Kitchener, ON. It was the fourth year that KTG has participated in the Trucking Industry Team Build organized by the Trucks For Change Network.
The day was part of “trucking takeover week” at the Habitat Kehl St. site. Groups of builders from trucking companies in the region come together to improve their community and bond as a team. This year, 48 trucking industry employees volunteered 400 hours and contributed $10,000 to the project.

You don’t know what people are going through, and if they need “a hand up,” I will always have my hand out to help! Compassion and empathy should always be on top of the list when working with any group of people.

Tracy Wolfe

Veteran volunteer Tracy Wolf of Mill Creek Motor Freight led our team. “I have learned many things on every build,” said Tracy. “how to properly hold a hammer when framing, measure twice and cut once and safety first.”
Tracy’s has raised $7000 in her four years working at the site. Her teammates this year were Mike Kehl (TransPro), Riley Murphy (Kriska), Tyler Pierce (Service Freight) and Amanda Purchase (Champion Express).

The Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region broke ground at their Kehl Street site in 2013. The 45 homes are 98% volunteer-built and will be completed by 2021. Habitat’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty through homeownership. Studies show that homeowners and their families are happier, healthier, and are more successful at school. Potential homeowners are qualified through a selection process and are required to volunteer for 500 hours. Habitat provides them with interest-free mortgages with payments aligned to no more than 30% of the homeowner’s income.

KTG is proud to contribute to our communities through donations and volunteer time. To quote Tracy Wolfe, “You don’t know what people are going through, and if they need “a hand up,” I will always have my hand out to help! Compassion and empathy should always be on top of the list when working with any group of people.”