COVID-19 Update

The Kriska Transportation Group and it's individual companies are carefully monitoring the Covid-19 outbreak. This page will be updated periodically to summarize supply chain impacts as it relates to our customers. Please return to this page for updates as the situation progresses.

Cross Border Traffic – USA/CAN

No commodity is restricted from crossing the border, however some states/provinces (see list below) have asked ‘non-essential/non-life sustaining’ businesses (shippers/receivers) to close temporarily. The businesses allowed to operate are fairly broad. If you operate in these states/provinces, please communicate with your shippers/receivers to ensure they are operating.

State/Provincial Orders Limiting Economic Activity

The KTG operating companies are based in Ontario and Quebec. Both provinces have declared Transportation as an essential service. Essential service lists can be found here: OntarioQuebec

Most US states are basing their lists of Essential businesses on US Federal guidelines available here.

Please see lists in links below. In general the following industries and any supporting service/product are NOT restricted:

  • Medical/healthcare (cleaning supplies/packaging, equipment, machinery, pharmacy, PPE, etc.)
  • Transportation and vehicle support (parts, service)
  • Logistics/Freight/courier/passenger transportation
  • Food (farming, hunting, distribution, retail, beer/alcohol)
  • Paper
  • Building materials (construction sites closed however)
  • E-commerce
  • Energy production, Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Restaurants (take out only)
  • And more, see relevant state lists/descriptions


Province and State Emergency Status List

State/Prov Status
Ontario ON Essential Businesses Only
Quebec QC Essential Businesses Only
Nova Scotia NS
New Brunswick NB Essential Businesses Only
Manitoba MB Essential Businesses Only
British Columbia BC Essential Businesses Only
Prince Edward Island PE  Essential Businesses Only
Saskatchewan SK Essential Businesses Only
Alberta AB Essential Businesses Only
Newfoundland and Labrador NL  Essential Businesses Only
 Alabama AL
 Alaska AK  Essential Businesses Only
 Arizona AZ Essential Businesses Only
 Arkansas AR
 California CA Essential Businesses Only
 Colorado CO Essential Businesses Only
 Connecticut CT Essential Businesses Only
 Delaware DE Essential Businesses Only
 Florida FL
 Georgia GA  Some areas including Atlanta
 Hawaii HI Essential Businesses Only
 Idaho ID Essential Businesses Only
 Illinois IL Essential Businesses Only
 Indiana IN Essential Businesses Only
 Iowa IA
 Kansas KS Essential Businesses Only
 Kentucky KY Essential Businesses Only
 Louisiana LA Essential Businesses Only
 Maine ME Essential Businesses Only
 Maryland MD Essential Businesses Only
 Massachusetts MA Essential Businesses Only
 Michigan MI Essential Businesses Only
 Minnesota MN Essential Businesses Only
 Mississippi MS Some areas
 Missouri MO Some areas including Kansas City, St Louis.
 Montana MT Essential Businesses Only
 Nebraska NE
 Nevada NV Essential Businesses Only
 New Hampshire NH Essential Businesses Only
 New Jersey NJ Essential Businesses Only
 New Mexico NM Essential Businesses Only
 New York NY Essential Businesses Only
 North Carolina Essential Businesses Only
 North Dakota ND
 Ohio OH Essential Businesses Only
 Oklahoma OK Some areas including Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman.
 Oregon OR Essential Businesses Only
 Pennsylvania PA Essential Businesses Only
 Rhode Island RI  Essential Businesses Only
 South Carolina SC Some areas including Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Charleston, Columbia.
 South Dakota SD
 Tennessee TN Essential Businesses Only
 Texas TX Most areas
 Utah UT Some areas including Salt Lake County, Summit County.
 Vermont VT Essential Businesses Only
 Virginia VA Essential Businesses Only
 Washington WA Essential Businesses Only
 West Virginia WV Essential Businesses Only
 Wisconsin WI Essential Businesses Only
 Wyoming WY Some areas including Jackson.


The business Itself:  KTG is a family of 9 trucking and logistics companies. Although the market uncertainty, volatility and pandemic scare has impacted our business, we remain financially stable and structured to manage through difficult times such as these.

Planning: Each of our business units has prepared Disaster Recovery and Pandemic Planning documentation. It's impossible to be 100% prepared; however, our Management Teams are monitoring, communicating and adjusting our plans and responses daily. We are fully equipped to ensure the ongoing operation of our business with no disruption should any of our offices need to be temporarily closed. We have identified all critical staff and arranged for remote workstations should they be required. At this time, our operations remain in low-risk areas, which we will continue to monitor. We have a heightened focus on ensuring our workplace is a safe and sanitary environment.

75% of our businesses are now operating via remote access. Our cloud-based infrastructure is more stable than a traditional VPN connection and allows us to work uninterrupted from any internet connection. This system has the stability to run with zero downtime, should we need to transition to 100% remote access operations.

Drivers: Our drivers are being monitored regularly. We are sending fleet messages, reminding them about proper preventative measures such as good hygiene and social distancing. The safety of our employees and their families continues to be our utmost priority, and we will continue to work with those who feel at risk to accommodate their needs proactively. KTG has implemented a reimbursement program for driver safety supplies such as hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and anti-bacterial soap.

Customers: Please take this communication as our offer to continue to be a trusted transportation and solution provider. As your business needs change through these uncertain times, you can rely on all KTG companies. Please don't hesitate to communicate with us and openly share your thoughts on the impact on your supply chain in the coming days/weeks/months.


Covid-19 Resources

Message from Mark Seymour regarding COVID-19

March 19, 2020

First, I want to say thank you to all the great men and women who are a part of our businesses. Those that drive a truck, fix a truck, drive a tow motor, support our truck drivers, support our customers. I hope I have included everyone because everyone is a hero. Not just to me, but to many others as well.

In difficult times like this, your work and commitment to the supply chain go unnoticed by many, not all. I have many people tell me to "thank your drivers." I want to do that and tell you that I tell them, "I'll also thank the many others that support our drivers."


We will get through this. When in the middle of a crisis, it doesn't feel that way. We've all experienced crises before and over time, they pass, and we move on to the next one. This one is different; extreme. It will pass. My best advice is to remain calm, follow the information you are given from credible sources, support one another and ask for help if you need it. We talk every day about what we can do to protect our people, our customers and our businesses. It's important for everyone to know we are working and testing daily more "work from home" scenarios for two reasons. To make sure we can and second, to cut down on the number of people in the office each day on each shift. Thank you to the people who have chosen this program, and I appreciate the sacrifice of those who can't due responsibilities of their job.

I've often said that "KTG is built to last forever." That's my belief. Forever is an unknown, so what I truly mean is a long time. I admittedly feel strongly about the power in numbers and the scale we bring to the market. We can share people, freight, ideas, yards, equipment. We help one another in times of need and stress. That's what families do, and KTG is a family of companies. I never imagined that we, as a family, would go through something like this. Power outages, computer viruses, accidents, ice storms, recessions, Y2K, these events in our lives may all seem very normal and insignificant now that they're in the past. This adds to my feelings about KTG, and its power in numbers. Its resiliency in times of challenge and even crisis. The examples of our people offering support are too many to mention. I won't and can't dismiss what this is doing to some people and some businesses. It's tough. It will be tough until this is over.

I'm always available to anyone who wants to talk. Stay focused and calm and hopefully soon, we can talk about this as in the past. Until then, be safe.

My sincerest thanks,

Mark Seymour

CEO Kriska Transportation Group