KTG Blog: ELD Info for Shippers

ELD Info for Shippers

What is an ELD?

An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is digital hardware that accurately monitors Professional Truck Drivers Hours of Service (HOS). Tamper resistant and integrated into the truck, they track movement, engine run time and location. Unlike paper logs that could be falsified to avoid HOS (Hours of Service) violations, ELDs cannot be edited and will record the actual times a Driver is operating.

When: December 2017

The ELD mandate will be phased in beginning December 18, 2017 for all new ELD installations and include all commercial vehicles by December 16 2019. All Canadian Carriers operating in the US must comply. Transport Canada has stated that they would like to align their compliance dates with the FCMCA schedule.

Why are Carriers using ELDs?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) initiated the ELD mandate to address road safety and unsafe working conditions. Driver fatigue due to working outside of HOS is the cause of many commercial transport accidents. The FMCSA estimates that ELD use will prevent 1800 accidents and 26 deaths annually. Also included in the ELD Rule are Driver protections from harassment and coercion to work extended shifts which will help avoid costly HOS violations. Transpro is committed to the safety and health of its Drivers. We respect our Drivers HOS and plan our routes accordingly.

How to Prepare

Shippers can best prepare for ELDs by choosing a Carrier that is already compliant. Reviewing and modifying warehouse schedules and procedures can also reduce Driver downtime. Offering pick-up windows rather than limited scheduled pick-up times will ensure that trailers are unloaded or loaded when the driver arrives with less wait. ELDs allow Carriers to accurately monitor Driver arrival times at a Shipper. This visibility provides information to help Shippers plan loads efficiently. Transpro was an early adopter of ELD systems and has the experience and knowledge to help Shippers comply without disruption to their supply chain. At Transpro we have worked hard to maximize the benefits of ELDs. Ask us how we can offer you a reliable and efficient transportation solution.

How will ELDs affect Shippers?

The ELD mandate requires Shippers to select ELD compliant Carriers. Unfortunately some Carriers will not be prepared and there is expected to be an increase in Drivers leaving the industry. The resulting reduction in capacity could affect Shippers in increased costs and a lack of available transport. Shippers will need to honor their shipping schedules and pick-up times. No longer will drivers be able to accommodate delayed loads and work beyond their HOS. ELDs log to the minute rather than round to 15 minutes as paper logs did and when Drivers begin their workday the ELD cannot be paused. If a Driver is delayed it could result in the load not reaching its destination on time due to the Driver reaching the end of their HOS. Shippers using Less Than Truckload service will likely experience a greater impact due to the potential for added delays at multiple delivery locations.


The operational visibility created by ELDs real time tracking will build a more efficient transportation network. Drivers will be better utilized by more driving and less time waiting at Shippers and doing paperwork. Shorter load wait times will result in less idle time, lower fuel costs and less environmental emissions. Less accidents will hopefully also help to slow the rising cost of insurance. Overall ELDs could contribute to faster on-time shipping and lower costs.

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