KTG Blog: May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

As the weather warms and the days get longer, our drivers see more motorcycles on the road. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month in Canada when we pay extra attention to their return.

There are many motorcycle riders throughout each Kriska Transportation Group company, from drivers to accountants.

JP Frenette with Mill Creek GM Renate Hargreaves and former driver Brian Deschamps

Mill Creek Warehouse Manager JP Frenette is a professional truck driver and longtime motorcyclist. He offered this tip “Never assume they see you.”

Another tip for motorcyclists is that a truck pulling a 53-foot trailer moves lots of air. Riders should leave lots of space around a rig. They could lose control of their bike if they get caught in the turbulence.

If you’re on the backroads of Eastern Ontario, you might see KTG CEO Mark Seymour and his son Clark riding their Harley Davidson Street Glides. Mark on his beautiful black and burgundy bike and Clark on his bright orange one. You may also run into him during bike week in Daytona, FL or Laconia, NH.

With their smaller size, motorcycle riders are less visible and are more vulnerable to injury than drivers of personal and commercial vehicles. They share the road with much larger vehicles, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to be aware of them all.

KTG Trainers instruct all incoming drivers on spotting motorcycle riders and how to share the road with them. Here are the tips our professionals follow:

  • Adjust your mirrors and always use them. Properly aimed mirrors will reduce your blind spots. Glance in your mirrors every 5 to 8 seconds to stay aware of the vehicles near you.
  • Give motorcycle riders room when passing and don’t crowd their lane. Don’t follow a motorcycle too closely. Some riders slow by downshifting rather than using their brakes. Without a brake light illuminated, drivers may not notice the bike decelerating.
  • Most motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, pay extra attention and be careful when making turns.
  • As always, be an attentive and undistracted driver.

We wish all the motorcycle riders a fun and safe season and remind everyone to share the road with awareness.

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