Green Initiatives

Dedicated to Going Green

KTG's focus with all of its companies is to develop a business model dedicated to going green. We pride ourselves on being a responsible, corporate citizen and establishing policies and controls to ensure we are doing our part in helping to preserve an ecologically sound and sustainable environment.

With so many vehicles on the road throughout North America, our environmental performance is a top priority with each of the companies under the KTG brand. Maintaining a young fleet of efficient vehicles (three years or younger) and conducting regular preventative maintenance, enacting speed control, monitoring engine idling, determining equipment specifications, and active recycling are all areas that protect our environment while conserving energy and our natural resources.

Our recycling program is dedicated to reducing the amount of paper, cans, scrap metal, oil, and coolant that can eventually find their way into the environment.

We are a Smart Way Transport Partner

KTG and its companies are proud to be SmartWay members and are dedicated to advancing our environmental responsibilities through our Fuel Reduction Initiatives such as modern aerodynamic tractors, automatic transmissions, trailer skirts, use of LCV (Long Combination Vehicles), APU (Auxiliary Power Units) and bunk heaters, target a maximum tractor age of three years or less, 100 km/hr governor program and voluntary speed control at 96 km/hr.