Safe Haven Program

Collaboration is the Best Kind of Business

Kriska Transportation Group is proud to collaborate with Unilever in the Unilever Safe Haven Program. Together we're helping to improve driver safety and comfort, with the added benefit of increasing productivity.

Leading Ideas That Put Safety First

The Unilever Safe Haven Program is a unique and highly beneficial pilot project for Kriska drivers; it allows them to park their trucks overnight at Unilever's Newville location and ease the stress of adhering to transportation laws while still being able to find a safe place to rest for the night.

For Unilever, the program meant the retention of capacity in a tight market. It's a win-win for the driver and customer as well as everyone else who shares the road with transportation vehicles. One of the most important benefits is the safety aspect. Being in a secure lot is far more comfortable than out on the side of the road or at a rest stop.

Safe Haven is Catching On

The success of the project was such that Unilever has not only chosen to make it a permanent feature but to expand it to other facilities. The next step for KTG is to use the Unilever Safe Haven Program as a model for other shippers to follow.

Watch the Kriska - Unilever 'Safe Haven' Truck Driver Parking Program Video